Traveling has really got me on the move.


I have been traveling so much lately that it seems like everywhere I turn I meet incredible new people and get to hear their great stories. I was in the state of Oklahoma the last month and had a great run in with an exquisite young chap that had me in awe. He was a young fellow that was all about the new marketing tactics that he could offer me and how they would reach all the fan base for my didge lessons. So I agreed to meet up at a Starbucks the next morning and see what all this talk was about. James the Owner of SEO OKC was more than a helpful chap that wanted to sell me his services. I could tell he was all about the customer and how he could help with any problem they may be having. We Gathered all the data that he needed and we talk for at least two hours about how he was going to show me the power of Social Media and what it has done for his business and his clients business’ that he services. We all get that funny feeling when we feel a little skeptical and think somethings weird. Not with James. Honesty and integrity exuded from this gentleman that was ecstatic that he knew that he would be able to pull off the greatest feat in my area of expertise and help me be the authority. We went over all of my social posts and realized that I wasn’t reaching anyone and It showed in my analytic reports. We then checked the ranking for my website and it was way off as well. So he explained things to me in a simple to understand the way that had me sold halfway through our meeting. I bet this guy is rolling in dough with sales skills like these. He had mentioned that If I had chosen him that he was offering a no contract agreement that was able to be removed with a 30-day notice. This has probably been the best thing I could have done for my business in a marketing standpoint. I will definitely be referring more colleagues that have been in the need for exceptional marketing and Website services. My new found friend has done more for me than any other marketing campaign I have been with before. Great team and company all around.