Learn How To Travel Around The World For Free

Feeling the wanderlust but a little short on funds for travel? Don’t give up on your dreams of traveling the world just yet! There are many possible ways, with a little bit of effort and ingenuity, that you can have some amazing travel adventures. Why not get out there and give it a go? Here are five ideas to get you started on planning your own expeditions:

Travel In Boat:

Whether on a working boat, a yacht, or a cruise liner, there are many ways you can travel by boat without paying a penny. Whether you are an engineer, a laborer, a chef, an entertainer or even a nanny or butler for a private family with a yacht, you can see the world without paying a penny and you might even be able to earn a decent wage while you are at it.


Perhaps the most common and traditional of all the free-travel choices is hitchhiking. Not everyone is comfortable with the risk involved, but in many countries, it is the norm and widely done. With a little bit of street sense, you are unlikely to come to harm. If you are not comfortable hitchhiking with strangers then carpooling with friends could be a very economical, if not entirely free, option.

Transport other people’s Vehicles:

If you prefer to drive yourself rather than be driven, then it might be worth approaching car hire and transport companies. People moving house may also need volunteers to drive their car long distance to their new home. It is well worthwhile asking the question at least and you may well get lucky and has a pleasant road trip.

Organize a Group Tour:

Sometimes travel will be free for the person who arranges a group tour. If you have good organizational skills and communication skills, perhaps you could consider this option. You will be able to travel for free even if the people you travel with cannot, so while this may be a good way for you to travel the world with free transportation.

Hiking or Biking:

If all else fails, then why not just head for the hills and walk as far and wide as you wish? People have traveled all over just on their own two feet. If time is unlimited then you could walk across whole countries – just use your imagination, pick a route and start walking.

If you feel that some of these options are a bit like free-loading, and then why not consider offering something (perhaps a skill or your knowledge) in return for services rendered, instead of asking for money. No matter what happens, you are guaranteed to have some proper adventures along the way.